Bronze Questionnaire

3. Please select the type of vehicles you operate (Tick all that apply)
5. Is the business involved in any of specialist operations listed below? (Tick all that apply)

Document Review 

It is a requirement of the FORS Standard for all documentation to be reviewed at least annually. The documentation must display the name of the person(s) who reviewed and approved the documented policies and procedures. Please enter the name of the person you want named on the documents we supply. The "Reviewer" should be a person with direct responsibility for the fleet operations such as a Transport Manager, Director, Fleet Manager etc. The "Approver" should be the person approving the documentation. The "Reviewer" and "Approver" could be the same person depending on the size of the business.  The review date will be shown on the documentation as the date we supply the documentation.

Business Logo 

Please upload your business / Company logo. This will be added to the documentation. 

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