How to become a FORS member

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

The fleet operator recognition scheme (FORS) is the most widely recognised accreditation scheme for vehicle operators. With more than 5,000 accredited members, FORS has become essential for vehicle operators of all types and sizes as a way of demonstrating compliance, efficiency and quality standards to new and existing clients.

To become a FORS member, you must register with FORS and undergo an on-site audit within 30 days from the date of registration to gain FORS Bronze level accreditation. FORS will send an auditor with relevant industry experience to your operating centre to conduct an audit covering management, vehicles, drivers and operations. The auditor will assess your management systems, documentation and records against the criteria contained within the FORS Standard.

The FORS Standard is the official guidance document produced by FORS which details the requirements operators must satisfy to achieve accreditation. The FORS Standard is updated every two years and at the time of writing this post the current version is of the standard is V5. A copy of the FORS Standard (version 5) can be found on the FORS website here

If the audit is successful you will be notified by email within 10 working days and you will be issued with a FORS Bronze certificate. In addition, the online database will be updated to show the organisation now holds Bronze level accreditation. This means suppliers and other interested parties can search the database to identify which operators hold accreditation and the current level, for example, Bronze, Silver or Gold.

To find out more about the audit process and how to prepare you can read our FORS audit preparation article here

For expert advice and help with FORS membership and gaining accreditation, get in touch with our FORS consultant today.


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